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Board & Committee Members

Cornell Cooperative Extension Cayuga County is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors that works in partnership with an appointed member of the Cayuga County Legislature and a representative from Cornell University. It includes people from throughout Cayuga County who bring their knowledge of community needs and concerns to the governance of this organization. Our board sets policy, prioritizes educational programs, and works with Extension's educational staff to ensure program effectiveness.

We are now in the process of rebuilding Program Committees for each of our issue areas to guide the direction of the workshops, classes, and other services that we offer the residents of Cayuga County. Our programs have evolved over the years to reflect changes in values, ethics, community norms, family structures, mobility and the economy in direct response to this grassroots community involvement.

2023 Volunteer Leadership

Association Officers

Jessica Soule, President
Mickey Belosi, Treasurer
Ben Vitale, Secretary


Steve Cuddeback
Jim D’Angelo
Katherine Hopkins
Mike Sheppard
Cindy Stephenson

Directors from Program Committees

Coming soon...

Extension Representative

Paul O'Connor

County Representative (Appointed)

Heidi Nightengale, Cayuga County Legislator

Last updated June 3, 2023