CSA farm stand, tent with vendor and boxes of fresh vegetables
Image by Michael Rihani

Our staff works with producers and consumers to support a thriving local food system.

About Ag at CCE

CCE-Cayuga is unique among local organizations in offering a continuum of education and resources that enable it to address a food systems issues in a holistic way. By working at a food-system level, we can more effectively respond to cross-cutting needs such as food safety, food access, local agriculture and community infrastructure. We offer resources for farmers, and consumers that span the food system.

For Farmers
Resources on farm production and marketing, intended to help increase the number of farms and farm profitability through workshops, business planning, and consulting on technical production and marketing. Through regional collaborations among five counties, Extension Agricultural Educators consult on sustainable production practices in dairy and field crops, livestock, vegetable and fruits, and agroforestry. New or beginning farmers will find information on soils and climate, and links to publications and websites focused on how to start a farm or find suitable land for agricultural endeavors. Other efforts are directed toward increasing opportunities for year-round food sales through season extension, processing, and by developing new connections between local farms and wholesale or institutional buyers,

For Consumers
Strong farmer-consumer connections result in a strong local foods system in which consumers identify and appreciate the value of local products, foods are produced and consumed locally, "food miles" and our carbon footprint are reduced, and dollars keep circulating here to strengthen our local economy. Through special events, farm tours, publications, and classroom outreach, CCE-Cayuga connects you and your family with the farmers who grow your food.

Last updated June 2, 2023