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Volunteer with 4-H!

Volunteer with 4-H

4-H needs volunteers who have a passion and want to share their knowledge with young people. These adults can have a positive impact on the next generation of young people in their community by sharing their experience and knowledge.

Whether you want to be a club leader or work with kids on a short-term project, there’s a role for you in 4-H. Many volunteer roles involve working directly with youth while others do not. Some volunteers are engaged with the program for a long period of time, such as leading a 4-H Club for several years. Others volunteer on a one-time, short-term, or even an annual basis. In whatever role you may choose to volunteer, our 4-H office can provide training, resources and support that can help make your volunteer position as rewarding as possible for everyone involved.

Application & Screening Process

All new 4-H volunteers must go through a screening process. We do all we can to protect young people and keep them safe while they are in our care. Prospective volunteers should contact the Cayuga County 4-H program staff to discuss the goals of volunteering. All volunteers will need to complete an application form, consent form to a criminal screening, CCE COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risk Form, and complete the Sexual Harassment Training (short video course) which is mandatory.

Enrolled Volunteers

4-H Club Organizational LeaderThe Organizational Leader, typically referred to as the 4-H Club Leader, is the primary organizer of a club. A 4-H Club must always be staffed by (2) approved adult volunteers. The Club Leader schedules the meetings and, along with the Project Leader or Club Assistants, and with guidance from members and parents, decides what types of projects & activities the club will focus on. In addition, the 4-H Club Leader is the primary liaison between the club and 4-H Staff at the Cornell Cooperative Extension office. 4-H Clubs leaders are responsible for making sure that the participants of their club are current members (in good standing) of Cayuga County 4-H.

4-H Club Project Leader. 4-H Project Leaders assist the Organizational Leader by teaching the educational components of the club program. They help organize and facilitate a series of project lessons throughout the year, based on the interest of the members. Project leaders help members complete project record books and prepare work for awards and the fair. 4-H staff assist with the application and screening process, and provide orientation, on-going training, and access to resources.

4-H STEP or SPIN Club Volunteers.  STEP/SPIN club volunteers have a passion and want to share their knowledge with young people. These adults are willing and able to teach what they know and love to young people in local communities. 4-H STEP/SPIN volunteers assist the club leader or 4-H Program Staff by teaching project lessons. Meetings are scheduled around the volunteer’s availability.

The 4-H Advisory Committee Volunteers meet quarterly throughout the year with the 4-H Program Staff and help to provide overall direction and support for the entire 4-H program.

Short Term Volunteer (Activity or Event)

Cayuga County 4-H depends on parent and/or casual volunteers to assist with a variety of programs & events that take place throughout the year. The following are examples of some Short-Term Volunteer opportunities:

  • Assist 4-H Club Leaders with club organizational tasks ( attendance, correspondence, etc.)
  • Chaperone 4-H events & programs
  • Lead a one-time or multi-session guided learning activity
  • Evaluate youth presentations at 4-H Public Presentations and Produced in NY
  • Evaluate projects at the Fair and/or other 4-H special events
  • Assist with set-up / clean-up and/or staff a table or booth at county-wide 4-H events
  • Read to children during 4-H Ag Literacy Week
  • Assist in the 4-H office with a variety of office related tasks
  • Grant-Writing / Research
  • Graphic Design / Web-Design
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Writing (newsletter articles, press releases, etc.)
  • Art & Crafts (face painting, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • STEM (any STEM skills you can share)
  • Other skills (let us know!)

Youth Volunteers:

4-H Youth Leaders & Youth Ambassadors:
Any current 4-H Member, ages 11+, can serve as a 4-H Youth Leader throughout the year to assist with special events & projects, develop leadership and interpersonal skills and get community service credit. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on the 4-H committees, running booths and activities during special events, internships and more. Developing leadership and fostering responsibility are two fundamental components of this position.

Last updated June 5, 2023